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Oregon Medigap Guaranteed Issue Birthday Rule

Oregon has special rules that protect consumers from being stuck in overpriced insurance plans:

Medicare beneficiaries have a yearly opportunity to compare Medicare supplement prices and switch companies. They must keep the same plan type or choose one with lesser benefits. For example, a Plan F enrollee can switch to a 2010 Medicare Supplement Plan A - N.

This rule is a response to frequent consumer complaints of being locked into plans with large annual increases. Here are some facts about how this works:

The opportunity to compare prices and change Medigap plans starts on the beneficiary's birthday and ends 30 days later. The change is guaranteed, regardless of your health. New coverage begins on the first day of the month following the birthday month (so a May 1 birthday results in a June 1 effective date). Never cancel existing coverage until the new policy is issued. This rule does not apply to Medicare supplement policies issued before Jan. 1, 1990. Agents whose clients have 1990s plans will want to help clients compare both benefits and prices when considering whether to change supplements. Some people with December birthdays can take advantage of this new rule as long as the policy is not applied for or issued prior to Jan.1, 2013. (Dec. 1 and Dec. 2 birthdays in 2012 will not be eligible because the 30-day period expires before Jan. 1.) People with an employer-sponsored standardized Medicare Supplement policy can use the time around their birthday to switch to a non-employer sponsored supplement as long as the new plan does not have additional benefits. Keep in mind that if you leave your employee sponsored plan you may not be able to go back if the employer plan rules do not allow it.

Oregon Rates and Companies

Use this link to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to see plans and rates for all companies in the state:
Oregon Rates & Companies (Updated once a year-may not show current rates.)

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