Health Insurance and Medicare

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page Let me be your guide. Medicare is the national single payer plan for people over the age of 65 or with certain disabling diseases. If you are new to Medicare and still have questions about how this program works then click on the picture to the left to read through a few pages that will help you understand Medicare. Like most government programs, it's more complex in some ways and simpler in others where you least expect it.

If you are having trouble getting Social Security or Medicare benefits please call me for help.

Medicare Part D Medicare Part D is the only way someone on Medicare can get insurance to cover their self-administered prescription medications, unless they have an employee benefit plan or VA benefits.  Although many people think they should choose plans because of a single feature like no deductible or lowest premium, this can make your medications far more expensive on an annual basis. Call for help choosing the plan that has the lowest total annual out of pocket expense.

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page

Health Insurance is intended to protect families and individuals from catastrophic loss and also guarantee access to contracted doctors and hospitals.

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page Dental Insurance can be an important complement to any health insurance plan. We offer simple and flexible dental plans available to individuals from 18 years old and beyond that are not offered on the healthplan finders. To get a standalone pediatric plan, it's best to seek coverage through your health insurance exchange. If you get regular cleanings and exams twice a year you are likely to have a great benefit in purchasing for about the same cost under individual dental plans. Visit this page to see some prices and benefits.