Arizona Medigap

Some insurers use strategies that eventually trap people in expensive plans by starting out with low rates, then raising their rates faster than their competitors after "buying the business".  One company in particular has launched and folded many new plans and folded them to start others, trying to dominate the low cost plans available in that market charging far more as an aggregate compared to a number of other choices. That really cheap plan can turn into a nightmare over time. That's the main reason to work with a broker in states that have few or no consumer protections. My goal as a broker isn't to make as much profit as possible, but to have happy customers for as long as possible.  

Arizona doesn't have any special rules that expand eligibility to enroll beyond what is allowed by Medicare rules like many other states. Except for "Open Enrollment", when your Part B starts and somewhat rare guaranteed issue periods, you must fill out a company underwritten health questionaire that will be used to determine whether an insurer wants to accept you or not. Once in a plan, you might not be able to switch to another lower cost plan because of your claims history. 

Rates in Arizona are determined by a composite of your age, tobacco use, your sex and which part of the state you live in.

The Arizona Office of the Insurance Commissioner publishes rates for all companies annually. If you would like a copy of this document let me know and I can send it to you. The link and web site change frequently so I don't post a link here.

"Nice to know that I'll be well taken care of. Thank you Tom, for your interest in my physical welfare. It is refreshing to know some one cares about something besides making money. God Bless you and yours."
Leo Bors- Phoenix, AZ