About Thomas Gibson Health Insurance dba Senior Market Services LLC:

Senior Market Services LLC is a closely held limited liability company owned by Thomas Gibson.
Tom Gibson's primary interests out of the office are permaculture, farming and, not too surprisingly, food and food preservation. He has helped start community gardens, taught classes on soils and fruit tree maintenance and operates two permaculture sites, one at his home and a five acre forestry project, Washougal Permaculture, in the Washougal River Valley. You can support local food education and permaculture by choosing Gibson as your agent. It's as simple as that. We get a paid a tiny sum for every person that chooses us as an agent. Thank you for your support.

About Thomas Gibson:

Thomas Gibson

Gibson is a Washington State University trained "Master Gardener" and "Master Food Preserver" that believes everyone should learn how to grow and put away their own food for healthy living. Everyone should be taught the skill of growing their own food. Gibson has worked on permaculture projects since 1980 and has two permaculture sites that he is the principle designer. He has been a mentor in the Clark County Restorative Community Service program. He also volunteers time to raise money and support projects that support neighborhoods, older and disadvantaged people, and is a former member of the RSVP/Volunteer Connections Advisory Council.

About Insurance

  1. I grew up in the insurance industry. My first "job" at the age of seven was helping by grandparents during the day in their office when I was there for a Summer visit. My motivation for doing what I do is realizing that I can give a humane and human face to an industry that many people are afraid of. I know that I fill a vital need in our community to help ensure that the financial well being of our communities not only remains intact but is healthy and growing. I specialize in Medicare and do this kind of activity year round.
  2. If there is a carrier we don't represent it is because we have chosen to work only with companies that, in our experience, we have found to provide the highest and most consistent levels of service. If you are considering a company that is not on our list that is because we have dealt with too many complaints or we feel they represent a low value to beneficiaries. Let our experience be your guide.
  3. We will be there after the business is written to help you with any customer service issues you have with the carrier or government agencies.
  4. We like to hear from you by phone or email to hear how you are doing. It makes my business more relevant the more I hear back from you about things that went well, things that went bad and any suggestions you have for improving your access and quality of care. Sometimes it is possible to arrange for certain additional services if it can be charted as medically necessary, possibly even organizing a licensed RN to be a care coordinator if you have exceptional needs. When problems occur I can help get things sorted out for you at no additional charge to you for my services. I am here to help. I am very glad to help!
  5. It doesn’t cost you anything to work with me. As a broker, the companies I am contracted with all pay me a commission and those amounts don't vary that much according to company and type of plan. I would be glad to share information about how I am compensated for the plans before you enroll if you feel I might be unfairly incentivized to promote one product over another. We will always advise with your best interest in mind. We will never try to sell you anything. We will always do our best to remain an impartial advisor and your passionate advocate.