Critical Care & Stroke

Other supplemental insurance like cancer insurance is not considered creditable and should not take the place of either Medicare or a Qualified Health Plan as defined by the IRS. This class of accident insurance are usually also described as "indemnity" plans. If an event described in your contract occurs then the company pays the claim according to the amounts in the contract schedule. You may have more than one of this type of plan and they will al

Two types of plans

Cancer is one of a number of critical illnesses that often has ongoing treatment and costs. Please note that many of the details of the plans discussed in the video playlist below are no longer legal such as limited benefit plans and excluding someone from coverage because of a pre-existing health condition. However, even though health insurance will cover most of your costs, it won't cover many of the non-medical costs associated with receiving care repeatedly over time.

A stroke is a brain attack. Learn what to look for.

You Have Insurance Choices

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