Dental Discount Plans

I have done the math, so can you. Add up all the costs for dental, premiums, preventative exams and cleaning, and any work you need done. If you are getting your teeth cleaned twice a year then dental insurance costs little or nothing. If you are getting regular checkups then insurance is the cheapest way to get major work done even with full coverage delayed until you have paid into the plans that have a waiting period. Another option to lowering your costs is to find dental organizations like schools and get their extra low rates. Rates are negotiable. Always ask in advance of the appointment if you can get a lower rate, which is often possible when offering to pay cash.

Geriatric Dental Group is a non profit with offices in Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington, and Federal Way Washington with discount rates for seniors.

Dental Insurance

Willamette Dental Group, Dental HMO
Best Value! No benefit limit!
-Download brochure with rates and application.
Washington Rates and Application
Washington True Care
Oregon Rates and Application
Oregon Dental Plus
Oregon TrueCare
Idaho Rates and Application
Idaho Dental Plus

Check out these individual self service links. Not available in all states.
Check the provider list where available when seeking services for the best cost.

Ameritas Dental & Vision. The most benefits for the lowest price. Most benefits available in Washington and most states.
Prime Star Personal Dental Plans

Multiflex Dental & Vision

Prime Star Personal Dental Plans

The Competitor Smile Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Discount Cards

Over 30 discount dental plans available at (Not insurance)

Vital Savings by Aetna
Get One Month Free off the Vital Savings by Aetna®  Discount program offered at (Not insurance)

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