Health Insurance and Medicare

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How do I get help?
  • Ultimately, in order to help you we need to talk. You can call the office or email from the About page.
  • To help you get started, I have provided a basic education about Medicare and health insurance on these pages. If you want the rates for all companies and a comparison between other plans in the area, including the estimated total annual out of pocket expense, then I need to know more about you, like the county you live in and any drugs you are taking.
What is an insurance broker?
  • Broker is a general term that describes agents that represent multiple companies and are trained on their products.
  • Brokers must be licensed in the state they are selling in.
  • The elected insurance commissioner in each state sets standards for licensing and makes sure that the insurance industry, including brokers, meets mandates made by the legislature.
  • The main purpose of this web site is to educate people about health insurance topics that maximize your ability to control your costs.
Why work with a broker?
  • Don't worry. It doesn't cost you anything to work with a broker.
  • I get paid a small amount of money for every person I help with their enrollment. The companies all pay the same so there is no incentive to promote one plan over another. Instead of an insurer taking all the money, a large portion of the money I make gets donated back to the community in volunteer time for non-profit organizations that directly support sustainable living and research into self sufficient homesteading because that is what I like to do. If you like those things too by purchasing your insurance through me you are supporting permaculture projects and education, local self reliance, home food preservation and many other community activities.
  • Brokers add value to your choices by making sure that your insurance is the best possible match and to be there to help when needed.
  • I am available all year long to help with strategic planning, fixing billing problems, and if you need to change to a different company it's really easy with my help.
  • Working with a broker help you avoid mistakes when choosing a plan. I go through a list of questions and issues to make sure that you don't have surprises later.
  • I will be there if you need help with an insurer or the government and aren't sure how to solve the problem. I will stick with you as your advocate for as long as you want to pursue solving a problem.
  • The information I give is as unbiased as possible using by focusing on public information but combined with my years of experience working companies. I am not done until you feel good and assured that the decision you make is really in your best interest.
  • There is NO OBLIGATION to share personal information with me or use me to enroll. See our privacy policy for information about what we do with information that we collect for insurance operations.
  • Don't wait until the last minute. I can help cut through the clutter fast.

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page Medicare is the national single payer plan for people over the age of 65 or with certain disabling diseases. If you are new to Medicare then click on the picture to the left to read through a few pages that will help put the subject into perspective both from a coverage and cost view. At any time use the menu above, other navigation, or the sitemap for more details. Follow the link at the bottom of each page to continue the guide to the next section. Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes.

If you are having trouble getting Social Security or Medicare benefits please call this office for help.

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page Medicare Part D is the only way someone on Medicare can get insurance to cover their self-administered prescription medications, unless they have an employee benefit plan. Read our guides to understand how prescription drug coverage has changed over time. Although many people think they should choose plans because of a single feature, this can make your medications far more expensive on an annual basis. Call for help choosing the plan that has the lowest total annual out of pocket expense.

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page

Health Insurance is intended to protect families and individuals from catastrophic loss and also guarantee access to doctors and hospitals. Insurance is based on a legal theory of "risk pools" that originated as a way for small investors to participate in the building of the first wooden sailing ships. In the early days four out of five ships never returned but when your ship came in it could make you fabulously wealthy. While you aren't going to get rich buying health insurance, the contracts provide crucial guarantees to getting access to our health care system. Many people rightfully question whether this is the best method for delivering health care. For many it really isn't.

My role is to help you determine which plans will save you the most money on an annual basis while maintaining continuity of care.

Other Insurance

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page Critical Care is supplemental insurance that pays cash in case of a covered event. These are "indemnity" policies that often have multiple moving parts so you can design a plan to meet your needs.

Ask for rates for all plans on our contact page Dental Insurance can be an important complement to any health insurance plan. We offer simple and flexible dental plans available to individuals from 18 years old and beyond. Unfortunately, most people will not find a great benefit in purchasing the limited coverage available under individual dental plans but some do. Visit this page to see some prices and benefits.