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Camas Permaculture Learn more about becoming self dependent for food.

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About Thomas Gibson:

Gibson is active in many community organizations including Camas Roots where he was one of the founding members, technical guru, webmaster, etc. of this community garden project that brings alternative classroom format education to K-12 students from all parts of Clark County. An avid gardener that tries not to depend on a trucking company for his food supply, Gibson is a Washington State University "Master Gardener" teaching his neighbors how to become self reliant for their food supply. With a heated propagation bench in an unheated greenhouse he is able to produce and provide greens and vegetables year round.

He has been a mentor in the Clark County Restorative Community Service program. He also volunteers time to raise money and support projects that support many older and disadvantaged people and is a former membermember of the RSVP/Volunteer Connections Advisory Council. Senior Market Services LLC was founded by Thomas Gibson to promote insurance education and planning for people that are retired or planning their retirement. Hopefully you started giving some thought to what kind of retirement you wanted by the time you reached age 30.

We specialize in Medicare and individual health insurance. Whatever we are asked to do, we will always do a thorough review and  recommend what we feel are solutions in your best interest, not ours. If you are looking for something outside our area of competence we will help you locate someone that can answer your questions and follow up with you to make sure that, at the very least, you stayed out of harms way. We will gladly answer questions about how we are paid and disclose other information that supports this statement so you will know what our interest is in any business you place before us.

As independent agents we represent every major carrier in the region, but we aren't interested in providing insurance products as if they were a commodity item to be purchased off of a shelf in a supermarket. We prefer to take a "holistic" approach to your financial well being. Let us take a financial snapshot and make sure that you have made an appropriate premium allocation that protects and increases your wealth. We are compensated directly by the companies that we represent so it costs you the same amount of money to get a professional consultation before making this kind of an investment as it does to go direct to the carrier.

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